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Your passion in life?

“I am passionate about history. It guides my choices and my way of seeing life. I like to know our past to understand the world before my eyes. I like to have as much perspective as possible.”

Your favorite in the south of France?

“The hike in the Véroncle gorges! A spectacular little canyon in the Luberon. The hike lasts about 3h30 (loop). Breathtaking views (the gorges and Gordes) and the discovery of a “hidden” historical heritage (about ten 500-year-old watermills).”

3 tourist experiences in the region that you particularly like?

  • Stroll through the village of Séguret and have lunch on the terrace of Le Mesclun restaurant (what a view!)
  • Travel the magical route to the Cedar Forest
    Bathe in the
  • Sautadet waterfalls and eating a pancake in the village of La Roque-sur-Cèze

Your advice for our guests?

“Take the time! Better to visit less and better than more and superficially. Slowness, that’s what holidays are! Especially in Provence… Live an experience rather than five or six “dates” a day!”

Music found in your travel playlist?

“The song “Véronica” by Vianney. I love it! Long live Vianney!”

Your little grain of madness?

“I love to sing. But I sing badly and I don’t know any lyrics. As a result, I use a familiar tune, inventing lyrics that come from nowhere.”

Your favorite local dish?

“Mullets à la provençale.”

If you were a tourist attraction in the region...

“Mont-Ventoux, to gain height.”


Manager at Hôtel de l'Atelier