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Privacy policy


This privacy policy applies to the site: www.hoteldelatelier.com.
The purpose of this privacy policy is to expose users of the site to:
> The way in which their personal data is collected and processed. Must be considered as personal data all data that can identify a user. These include the first and last name, the postal address, the email address of the user or his IP address;
> What are the rights of users regarding this data;
> Who is responsible for the processing of personal data collected and
> To whom this data is transmitted;
> Possibly, the policy of the site in terms of “cookie” files.

Article 2: General Principles regarding the collection and processing of data

In accordance with the provisions of Article 5 of European Regulation 2016/679, the collection and processing of your data respects the following principles:

> Lawfulness, loyalty and transparency: data can only be collected and processed with the consent of the user who owns the data;
> Limited purposes: the collection and processing of your data is carried out to meet one or more objectives determined in these general conditions of use;
> Minimization of the collection and processing of data: only the data necessary for the proper execution of the objectives pursued by the site are collected;
> Retention of reduced data over time: the data is kept for a limited period, of which the user is informed.
> Integrity and confidentiality of data collected and processed: HOTEL DE L’ATELIER undertakes to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of the data collected.

In order to be lawful, and in accordance with the requirements of Article 6 of European Regulation 2016/679, the collection and processing of personal data can only take place if they comply with at least one of the conditions below. after listed:

> You have expressly consented to the processing;
> The processing is necessary for the proper performance of a contract;
> The processing meets a legal obligation;
> The processing is explained by a necessity linked to the safeguarding of the vital interests of the person concerned or of another natural person;
> The processing can be explained by a necessity linked to the performance of a task in the public interest or which comes under the exercise of official authority;

Article 3: Personal data collected and processed when browsing the site

Data collected and processed in collection mode

The personal data we collect varies depending on the purpose of the collection and the Service we provide to you.

Generally, we may directly collect the following categories of personal data:
a) Personal contact details, such as your surname, first name, e-mail address, postal address and telephone number(s);
b) Communications with us, which may include details of telephone conversations;
c) Browsing history, such as the pages visited, the date of the visit, the location during the visit, or the IP address;
d) Information relating to payment when a purchase or reservation is made on our site, online store. Generally the invoice in your name, your billing address and payment details such as your credit card or bank account;
In order to constantly improve the quality of the services offered on our website, mobile site, online store and their adequacy with your expectations, HOTEL DE L’ATELIER may use “cookies”, text files used to identify your terminal when you connect to one of our services.

The deposit of a cookie or tracer in your terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) allows HOTEL DE L’ATELIER to collect information and personal data, according to your choice of configuration of your terminal. For more information on the use of cookies, you can refer to article 6 below.

We may also collect personal data about you indirectly when you share content on social networks, websites, stores or applications relating to our products and services, or responding to our posts and promotional announcements on social networks.

In addition, during a payment on the site, it will be kept in our computer systems a proof of the transaction including the reservation request and the invoice.

Purpose of the collection and processing of Personal Data

Your data is mainly used for reservation and purchase purposes (provision of services, specific services and products), prospecting, loyalty, animation, commercial information, satisfaction surveys, organization of contests, new services and products intended for to improve your customer experience within our establishment, statistical studies, recruitment, after-sales service, processing of your requests and/or complaints. In addition to the cases where your consent has been obtained (in particular to send you personalized offers), the processing of your data for the various purposes mentioned above is in particular necessary:

> To ensure the performance of the service contract;
> To comply with a legal obligation;
> For the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by our establishment (in particular
developing new services and offers, improving customer service, etc.).

More specifically, your data is used:
> To allow you to benefit from all the services or services available on our establishment’s website, its mobile site, its shop: e-newsletter, management of reservations, assistance and complaints, management of loyalty programs, etc. ;
> To allow you to browse our website;
> To best match our information, notifications, offers and
other forms of services to your interests;
> To facilitate the completion of administrative formalities relating to the
reservation and purchase.

Duration of retention of Personal Data

HOTEL DE L’ATELIER undertakes to keep your personal data for a period not exceeding that necessary for the aforementioned purposes or as required by law.

Link to third-party web comics

Our website, online store, social media pages and apps
mobiles may contain links to third-party websites.
We are not responsible for the collection, use, management, sharing or disclosure of data and information by these third parties.
The communication of information on third-party sites is governed by the confidentiality policy and the conditions of use of these sites. We recommend that you read the privacy policies of these websites before submitting any personal information.

Data hosting

The www.hoteldelatelier.com website is hosted by: AMEN, whose head office is located at the address
below :
AMEN SASU, 12-14, Rond-Point des Champs-Élysées 75008 Paris.
The host can be contacted at the following telephone number: 0811 88 77 66
The data collected and processed by the site are exclusively hosted and processed in France.

Article 4: Responsible for data processing

The data controller

HOTEL DE L’ATELIER is responsible for the processing of personal data. You can contact us by phone at +33 (0)4 90 25 01 84, by email at contact@hoteldelatelier.com or at the following postal address: Hôtel de l’Atelier. 5 Rue de la Foire. 30400. VILLENEUVE-LES-AVIGNON.
HOTEL DE L’ATELIER is responsible for determining the purposes and means used to process personal data.

Obligations of the data controller

HOTEL DE L’ATELIER undertakes to protect the personal data collected, not to transmit it to third parties without the user having been informed and to respect the purposes for which this data was collected. .
The site has an SSL certificate to ensure that information and data transfer passing through the site are secure.
An SSL certificate (“Secure Socket Layer” Certificate) is intended to secure the data exchanged between the user and the site.
In the event that the integrity, confidentiality or security of your personal data is compromised, HOTEL DE L’ATELIER undertakes to inform the user by any means.

Article 5: User rights

In accordance with the regulations concerning the processing of personal data, you have the rights listed below.
In order for HOTEL DE L’ATELIER to comply with your request, you are required to provide us with: first and last name as well as your e-mail address.
We undertake to respond to you within 30 (thirty) days maximum.

Presentation of the user's rights in terms of data collection and processing

In accordance with the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data, you may, at any time, exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion of data concerning you as well as your rights of limitation and opposition to the processing and the portability of your personal data.
In addition, you have the legal right to define directives relating to the fate of your personal data post mortem.

In addition, any minor at the time of the collection of their personal data can obtain their erasure as soon as possible (Cf. Article 5. B. Below).
These rights can be exercised by mail to the following address:
5 Rue de la Foire – 30400 VILLENEUVE LES AVIGNON – France métropolitaine contact@hoteldelatelier.com
In this context, we kindly ask you to accompany your request with the elements necessary for your identification (surname, first name, e-mail) as well as any other information necessary to confirm your identity.
You also have a right of appeal to the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés in the event of a violation of the applicable regulations on the protection of Personal Data and in particular the GDPR.
In the event that HOTEL DE L’ATELIER decides not to respond to your request for, and you wish to contest this decision, or, if you believe that one of your rights listed below has been infringed, above, you have the right to seize the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés, https://www.cnil.fr) or any competent judge.

Personal data of minors

In accordance with the provisions of Article 8 of European Regulation 2016/679 and the Data Protection Act, only minors aged 15 or over can consent to the processing of their personal data.
If the user is a minor under the age of 15, the agreement of a legal representative will be required so that personal data can be collected and processed.
HOTEL DE L’ATELIER reserves the right to verify by any means that the user is over 15 years old, or that he has obtained the consent of a legal representative before browsing the site.
If personal data concerning children is collected via our website, mobile site, online store and mobile applications, the parents or holders of the exercise of parental authority have the possibility of opposing it by contacting us at address indicated in article 5. A above.

Article 6: Use of "cookie" files

The site may use “cookie” techniques.
A “cookie” is a small file (less than 4 KB), stored by the site on your hard drive, containing information relating to your browsing habits.
These files allow us to secure the transactions you may be required to carry out, to temporarily memorize the items you wish to order until the transaction, to process statistics and traffic information, to facilitate navigation and to improve service for your comfort.
Data relating to visitor browsing is not used by name; these are aggregated statistics showing the most and least popular pages, preferred paths, activity levels per day of the week and per hour of the day, the main malfunctions of the server.

Opposition of the user to the use of "cookies" files

It is brought to your attention that you can oppose the recording of these “cookie” files by configuring your browser software. For information, you can find at the following addresses the steps to follow in order to configure your browser software to oppose the recording of “cookie” files:

In the event that the user decides to deactivate the “cookie” files, he may continue browsing the site. However, any malfunction of the site caused by this manipulation could not be considered as being due to the publisher of the site.

Description of the "cookie" files used

The site editor draws the user’s attention to the fact that the following cookies are used while browsing:

a) Cookies essential to the use of the site

They allow you to use the main functionalities of the site, such as the purchase or reservation of services for example. By disabling the use of cookies, you will no longer be able to benefit from these features.
The information stored cannot be used for commercial purposes.

b) Site performance cookies

Performance cookies allow us to optimize our website and detect any technical problems you may encounter.

They allow us to collect information on how you use the site, in particular the number of visits per page, the number of error messages displayed, the time spent on a page, or the number of clicks on an area of ​​the site.

The information stored cannot be used for commercial purposes.

c) Functionality cookies

These cookies allow the site to remember the choices you have made (such as your user name, language, choose the region where you find us) and provide more precise and personal characteristics. These cookies can also be used to remember changes made by the user, such as text size or font. They may also be used to provide services you have requested such as watching a video or leaving a comment on a blog. The information collected by this cookie may be anonymized and cannot track your browsing activity on other sites.

By using our website, you agree to receive these types of cookies on your device.

d) Cookies from third-party websites and social networks.

Our website contains links and/or content to other social networking sites, and we do not know what cookies are used by them. To find out more, please consult the information provided by these third-party sites and social networks on their own cookies.

Article 7: Computer security / Securing transactions

Ensuring the security and confidentiality of the personal data that you entrust to us is a priority for HOTEL DE L’ATELIER. We thus implement all useful technical and organizational measures, with regard to the nature, scope and context of the personal data that you communicate to us and the risks presented by their processing, to preserve the security of your personal data and, in particular, to prevent any destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure, intrusion or unauthorized access to this data, accidentally or unlawfully.
We offer you a secure online payment system using the latest technologies.
HOTEL DE L’ATELIER strives to fight against identity theft practices on the Internet. This is the reason why we use, for example, a device for detecting fraudulent payments made by bank card. This device is intended to protect you in the event of loss or theft of your bank card.
The security and confidentiality of personal data are based on everyone’s best practices. This is why we invite you not to communicate your passwords to third parties, to systematically disconnect from your profile and your social account (especially in the case of linked accounts) and to close your browser window. at the end of your work session, particularly if you access the Internet from a computer station shared with other people. This will prevent other users from accessing your personal information.

Article 8: Respect for your privacy

We are committed to protecting your privacy and respect the following 2 principles.
– We do not associate your cookies with any information that can identify you directly and personally. Cookies do not in any way allow us to know your address, your telephone number or any other information allowing you to be identified.
– We do not provide any personal information to advertisers or third-party sites that display our interest-based ads.
If your computer or mobile is used by several people, or if it has several navigation software, it is possible that the content displayed to other users corresponds to your preferences. If you wish, you can change your browser settings.
For more information on how cookies and targeted advertising work, you can consult the CNIL website: https://www.cnil.fr/fr/cookies-les-outils-pour-les-maitriser.

Article 9: Conditions for modifying the Privacy Policy

This privacy policy can be consulted at any time at the address indicated below:
HOTEL DE L’ATELIER reserves the right to modify it in order to guarantee its compliance with the law in force.

Consequently, the user is invited to regularly consult this privacy policy in order to stay informed of the latest changes that will be made to it.

For any additional questions relating to this policy or the way HOTEL DE L’ATELIER processes your personal data, please contact us at the following address: contact@hoteldelatelier.com.
HOTEL DE L’ATELIER reserves the right to adapt the personal data protection policy. When we make substantial changes to this Statement, we post a link to the Statement on the home page of our site.

It is brought to the user’s attention that the last update of this privacy policy took place on: 27/01/2020.

Article 10: Acceptance by the user of the Privacy Policy

By browsing the site, the user certifies that he has read and understood this privacy policy and accepts its conditions, with particular regard to the collection and processing of his personal data, as well as the use of files. “Cookies”.

The data is intended for the hotel and its service providers. You have the right to access, rectify and delete personal data concerning you and you can oppose the processing of your data. To exercise these rights, simply write to the hotel at the following address:

5 Rue de la Foire –
30400 VILLENEUVE LES AVIGNON France métropolitaine contact@hoteldelatelier.com