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Your passion in life?

« Traveling, discovering new places, and not necessarily at the end of the world, knowing how to enjoy simple pleasures ».

Your favorite in the south of France?

« Hiking in the small and large Aiguières, a marvel of nature, without great difficulty ».

3 tourist experiences in the region that you particularly like?

  • Visit the creeks by boat with swimming and/or diving break.
  • Take a bike ride to Saintes Maries de la Mer, passing by the Gacholle lighthouse, to the timeless fishing village of Beauduc.
  • Take the Cévennes steam train, admire the greats landscapes, the Bambouseraie.

Your advice for our guests?

« Be curious, know how to be surprised by small unpretentious places ».

Music found in your travel playlist?

M’en aller – Canardo et Tal”. Change direction, don’t be afraid to sink, hit the road and drive until you never stop”

Your little grain of madness?

« I love animals. I can do crazy things to please them. Fancy food, toys, super soft cushions, etc. ».

“I am also a fan of Urbex. Have you heard of it? Visiting abandoned historical places frozen in time, in which you try to understand all the secrets, is exciting!”

Your favorite local dish?

« Aioli! and in particular the one of Farniente Plage in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer »

If you were a tourist attraction in the region...

« The Gardens of the Saint-André Abbey, enchanting and extraordinary, you can go there several times a year, you will never be disappointed, each season has its charm. You may even meet Garfield, the adorable cat, master of the house»


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