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“WALKS and DISCOVERIES” Guide leaving from the Hotel

Where can I ride a bike nearby? Do you have running courses, quickly accessible from the hotel? Do you know hikes from the hotel? Is there a pool nearby?

Here are some questions you usually ask us during your stay at L’Atelier.

We are lucky, because 5 minutes walk from L’Atelier, we offer a great playground: The Plain of the Abbey. Hiking, biking, running, bowling, horse riding (including for children), swimming, tennis, football, there is something for everyone!

All of this is very accessible, easy to organize and in nature.

Find at the reception, or here for download, a great guide on the walks and discoveries in Villeneuve-Lès-Avignon, including that of the plain of the Abbey (walk No. 1).

L’ATELIER’S IDEA: A bike ride from the hotel will allow you to discover the plain of the Abbey in about 1 hour. Extend the fun with a game of petanque (do not forget the Pastis, an unavoidable local appetizer) and an excellent picnic (ideally with the local products market Thursday).